Didcot A Power Station

Didcot “A” Power Station layout , winner of “ Best Modern Image Layout in Show” at the N.E.C. 2018 has been dedicated to the People of Didcot and those who lost their lives on 23 rd Feb 2016 when the building collapsed during demolition.

The layout has been presented by Tony Musgrave and fellow builders Roly Hamblin and Derrick Mortimore to the Didcot Railway Centre and the Abingdon and District Model Railway Club as joint custodians. The layout will eventually take its place as part of a permanent exhibit at the railway centre, until then it will reside at the ADMRC clubrooms in nearby Abingdon from where it will be available for exhibitions as required. Unfortunately it will no longer include those famous catchphrases by Tony…..”What do you know about Didcot Power Station” and “Let me give you a 3 minute history” followed by tales of “Arthurs Pit”(the Miners Strike) or the Greenpeace invasion and their campsite on the top of the chimney, but it will still fill the room with “smoke” and we will still get warned by the Fire Marshall ”If you set off the sprinklers you will pay the bill”. That’s all part of the fun of exhibiting DIDCOT “A” POWER STATION.

Eric Young (Chairman ADMRC)