Pentre Road

Pentre road is an OO gauge finescale continuous-run layout currently being built by ADMRC. It is based on a fictional station on the GWR/LMS shared secondary mainline from Shrewsbury to Hereford, often referred to as the “North and West route”. Pentre is a real village in the area, but was never rail-served.  The layout will be set in the 1930s, and should see a good mix of traffic from local goods to through express passenger services.

Original drawing of the accepted concept for Pentre Road

The layout plan shows the through station with a small goods yard, and a long reception/layby loop near the summit tunnel at the left. The line falls (at least in perception!) from left to right through the station and past a short interchange siding with a canal on the right hand side of the layout. The fiddle yard is long enough to hold a 30+ wagon train.

The layout has been in development for a long time, being first conceived in the early 2000s. The control of the layout is based around MERG components, and is designed to facilitate both DCC and DC control. The scenic part of the layout is operated from a control panel, whilst the fiddle yard is run from a laptop.  After a lot of effort, the electronics have now reached a stable state, and work has begun on the scenic side of the layout.

Pentre road has so far been to one exhibition as a work in progress. Once complete – hopefully in the next few years – we hope it will join the exhibition circuit.